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 Digital Grand Bazaar

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Dead Orbit Unit

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PostSubject: Digital Grand Bazaar   Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:23 pm

The Grand Bazaar

Low End Items
Notoriety (lol you sellout): 100 for 5+, 180 for 10+
Gametrailer's Money Badge: 100
Status field option: 200

Medium End Items
1 Icon slot - any image dimensions within the 50x150px limit: 500
Custom rank title: 1000

High End Items
Custom rank title image: 2000
Custom text field option: 4000

How to earn ammo:
Gain per profile message : 1
Gain per friend (in-forum) : 1
Gain per referral* : 500
Gain per day since registration : 1
Gain per post : 1
Gain per INTEL : 10
Gain per full gamenight participation : Varied**
Gain per blog : 1

* - referrals will not be awarded until user makes 100 posts or earns +50 notoriety. Gamenight involvement quicken the process.
** - ranges from 200 to 500 ammo. A Gamenight requires at least one mod/admin from MoA to participate in a group of 3+.

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Viktor Vaughn


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PostSubject: Re: Digital Grand Bazaar   Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:35 pm

I would like to buy 4000 monies worth of notoriety.

All night I daydream of sleep but never get it
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Digital Grand Bazaar
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